Addison & Co is one of the largest cutting tool manufacturers in India and it carries 65 years of expertise in understanding the requirement of tools and tooling solutions of both Indian and International cutting tool users.

Addison plunged into the manufacturing of HSS Cutting tools since 1955 and since 1965 to date, it remains as India’s largest manufacturer of HSS Cutting tools.

In order to meet the ever-growing requirements of customers, Addison has launched a new product suite for broaches, Involute spline, round, surface broaches and keyway broaches, solid carbide tools-drills, end mills etc leveraging the latest know-how and the best manufacturing facilities at Chennai.

The company has trading operations of ferrous and nonferrous castings and supplies fully machined castings to automobile and engineering industries.

To make sure that our products reach end customers in the spotless condition they come out of the production line, they are carefully packed using atomized packing machines in telescopic cartridges that keep them safe in transit.

Quality commitments run in our DNA. Our team of astute quality assurance personnel fine-comb all processes and products relating to both incoming and outgoing goods, before allowing them to pass to the next step in production.